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    Canada - Somali-Canadians call for help solving slayings

    May 2013
    "The mothers of some murdered Somali-Canadian men are again pressing the federal government do set up a judicial task force to look into the killings, some of which have gone unsolved for years.

    In just the last 10 months, seven Somalia-Canadian men were killed in the GTA. Among them Habiba Adan's son Warsame Ali who was shot execution-style in September, along with another Somali man."

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    "Toronto police learn from U.S. success with Somali community

    "Toronto police are hoping to learn from two officers in Minneapolis who have had success engaging with the Somali community.

    Sgt. Mohamed Abdullahi and Const. Abdiwahab Ali are in Toronto for four days to see how police are interacting with the city’s Somali community and to share what they know.

    Somali-Canadians have long said they need help dealing with a gang problem and need more officers of Somali origin on the streets."

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    "Toronto Homicide's 39 and 40 of 2012 Warsame Ali 26 & Suleiman Ali 26. Help find their killers"

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    Why so many Somali-Canadians who go west end up dead

    They are called the ciyaal baraf, or the children of the snow. The kids of a generation who fled blood-stained Somalia two decades ago.

    Their parents sought refuge across the world in a mass exodus from civil war. Many settled in Canada, mostly in Toronto, where they raised their children, often in poverty. And, as the children came of age and branched out across the country, a new kind of grief emerged.

    Since 2005, dozens of young men from Canada’s Somali community have been killed, most of them casualties along a cocaine-dusted corridor between the housing projects of Toronto and the oil patch in Alberta. Most cases remain unsolved.

    The latest slaying was among the most brazen. Ahmed Hassan, a 24-year-old who’d been charged with dealing drugs in Alberta, was gunned down in Toronto’s Eaton Centre. His public death has nudged this grief into the spotlight and renewed calls from Somali community leaders for governments to help stop the bloodshed.

    Ultimately, the shooting has forced the country to confront the vexing question of why so many of these young men who go west end up dead.

    read more ......... http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/...5992/?page=all

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    Somali-Canadians caught in Alberta’s deadly drug trade
    March 22, 2010


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