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    Canada - Mother & son incest case produced 3 kids, Edmonton, 2001

    Excuse me while I regurgitate.


    Police began investigating after the second of three children died in 2001 when she was two years old. Michaud said the centre tested blood samples from the man and woman and the female child. The results show the woman is 5,300 times more likely to be the man's biological mother compared to any other woman, Michaud said.

    The man's DNA is 8.8 million times more likely to be the biological father of the child than any other man, he said

    So they're mother & son, husband and wife, grandma & mom to the 3 children... 2 of which are now dead or is it all 3 kids. This is abhorrent.

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    That's one of the worst things I've ever heard.

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    From October 2005:


    In the end, a jury in August found the couple was guilty of incest and of falsifying documents in an attempt to hide their charade. Yesterday, Justice Pat Flynn of Ontario Superior Court brought down a sentence -- and a thundering condemnation...

    The hidden life of the couple began to unravel in June, 2001, after the death of one of their children, a two-year-old girl, who the man brought into a hospital emergency room. The baby died of an infection that was made worse by a genetic condition often associated with children produced through incest...

    The man was sentenced to two years of conditional sentence to be served in the community. The woman was sentenced to the equivalent of four years in prison.

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