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    Ga Robbery victim shoots, kills perp

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    Georgia, USA
    Kenneth Brayboy, 19, died Monday afternoon after the incident in which a drive-through customer who was being robbed pulled a gun and shot at his attackers.
    The 23-year-old victim is not facing any charges, however, Desmond McKnight, 17, has been charged with murder, criminal attempt-armed robbery and tampering with evidence. McKnight was involved in the act of attempting to commit an armed robbery that resulted in the death of Brayboy, police said. In Georgia, a person can be charged with murder if, as a result of the personís criminal act, another person is killed ó even if that other person is part of the criminal group.

    (IMO- great law!)
    Police are searching for a third suspect.


    Brazen act - Did they think they were invisible?

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    Great law and wish other states would adopt it!!

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