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    OK - 'Fake joint' photo costs teacher job

    The story at Daily Oklahoman link below.

    Oklahoma teacher out of job after fake-joint photo circulates
    Miami Assistant Superintendent Randy Darr declined to identify the teacher, but did acknowledge he has seen the photograph.

    A first-year Miami School District teacher is no longer employed by the district after a photograph, which appears to depict him rolling a fake joint in a classroom, landed on a social networking site.

    The teacher, who also serves as a coach, appears to be in a classroom at a desk with another person nearby. He is wearing a blue coaching shirt with the letter “M” visible. In the photo is an empty spice bottle with the spices scattered on a piece of rolling paper. The man is seen licking a rolled piece of paper. Also an object with the word “coach” is on the desk.
    The image has been retweeted 1,409 times and listed as a favorite 2,439 times. The caption for the photograph is “My teacher taught us how to roll joints in class – Miami, Oklahoma.”

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    We don't smoke marijuana in muskogee

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    Am I the only one who totally thought this mention joint... as in body joint?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brighidin View Post
    We don't smoke marijuana in muskogee
    As a true-blue Okie from Muskogee, I can assure you that smoking the "herb" has been going on it Muskogee for many decades. Now the drugs are much more hardcore.

    I do love Merle's song, though. As a kid I thought a song about Muskogee was pretty darn special.
    The truth is rarely pure and never simple. - Oscar Wilde

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