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    Canada - Public Safety Alert: Online extortion scam targeting dating website users

    " According to police, cyber criminals from outside Canada are creating fake profiles on several online dating sites that list their geographic location as Toronto.

    The scammers then contact the victim and engage in flirtatious chats that become sexual in nature.

    At some point, police say the scammers encourage the victim to disrobe or engage in sexual behavior via video chat.

    Once the victim engages in compromising behavior on camera, police say the scammers end the chat, research the victim using social media sites and then send them a message threatening to send the incriminating video to a list of their friends unless they make a monetary payment."

    Read more: http://www.cp24.com/news/police-issu...#ixzz3PZWYIfkD

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    "The Toronto Police Service would like to make the public aware of an online extortion scam that is being reported to police with increasing frequency.

    It is reported that:

    - cyber-criminals are creating fake profiles on common online dating sites

    - they enter a fake geographic location to appear close to that of the victim, when they are actually located outside of Canada

    - when a victim initiates contact, or is contacted by the fake profile, they engage in age- and sex- appropriate social/flirtatious chats

    - the chats become sexual in nature and video-chat is then suggested

    - at this point, they research the victim using social media websites

    - they will refuse or defer meeting in person, insisting on video-chatting

    - once the victim agrees to video-chat, the victim is encouraged to disrobe and/or engage in sexual behaviour

    - they may present fake photos or videos claiming to be the person in the fake profile

    - once the victim engages in compromising behavior in front of the camera, the video chat will stop

    - they then send the victim a message informing them their actions have been recorded and will be disclosed to a list of the victim's friends

    - they then demand a monetary payment in exchange for not sending the video"

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    Males are also targeted in this nasty scheme. Wondering where "outside Canada" most of these tricksters are located?

    "Police say that suspects are creating fake profiles on common online dating sites. They use other people's photos and use locations to appear close to their target — when they are actually from outside of Canada.

    So far, there are four male victims."

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    "Public Safety Alert,
    Police urge caution with online relationships,
    Provide safety information

    Broadcast time: 11:15
    Monday, March 2, 2015

    Sex Crimes

    The Toronto Police Service would like to remind the public to exercise extra caution when engaged in online relationships.

    Many websites do not require confirmed identification on the part of subscribers. Such websites act on an anonymous basis. This can increase the risk to those who take relationships from online to real-life status."

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