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    Yappy Ever After rescue Doberman Keela gives birth to 14 puppies

    I'd click on this Metro article only if I wanted to see a couple pictures of 14 little Dobermans in the same basket, and smell that new-puppy smell you know by heart; one of the most heavenly things on earth, that smell. A couple pics of mom Keela too.

    Rescue dog gives birth to a record 14 Doberman puppies

    The story at the link.

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    What a beautiful pile of Doberman puppies! I have a female Doberman pinscher named Hannah (cropped ears and docked tail) and she is so regal and elegant looking and so sweet too. I love Dobermans!

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    What a pile of puppies! Every one beautiful -- and Mama is, too (those eyes!).

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    The Basket-O-Puppies as adorable. I wonder how long it took to get all 14 of them in there and sitting for that pic? LOL
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    Half as many puppies and not nearly enough pictures, but a good story in San Antonio Express-News:

    7 puppies named after 'Seven Dwarfs' recovering at ADL of Texas

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