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    Yo, Ötzi, nice tats: 5300-year-old inkings revealed

    The story, pics, and tattoo chart at DM link below:

    Ötzi the iceman's hidden tattoos uncovered: Scans reveal previously unseen inkings on mummy's ribcage

    ⁍ Iceman's tattoos are largely seen on body parts that endured wear-and-tear
    ⁍ In total, 61 tattoos have been found grouped across 19 of Ötzi’s body parts
    ⁍ Experts used a modified camera to scan the ancient hunter's body
    ⁍ They found a group of tattoos on the lower right of Ötzi's thoracic
    ⁍ This is the first markings found on the front of the 5,300-year-old's torso
    ⁍ Experts previous thought etchings were a primitive form of acupuncture
    ⁍ But the latest tattoo casts doubt on this because it is not situated by a joint

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    Thanks for the link -- very cool to see even more tattoos revealed on the Ice Man. It reminds me of the Siberian Ice Princess, who also has many tattoos, although they seem to be for decorative purposes, rather than any sort of acupuncture treatment. Also, she's less than half his age, so not much of a comparison, other than they were both well preserved for thousands of years.
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