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    IL - Johnny Kimble, 1, beaten to death, Chicago, 6 Jan 2015 *Arrests*

    A woman whose toddler was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend ignored burns on the boy’s body and continued to allow the man to babysit her four children at their Englewood neighborhood home, according to prosecutors.

    Dominique Smith, 24, has been charged with felony child endangerment, according to Chicago Police. On Monday, Cook County Judge Adam Bourgeois ordered her held on a $250,000 bond. Dantis Porter has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of 1-year-old Johnny Kimble...

    On Dec. 23, when Smith came back to the home in the 1100 block of West Marquette Road, Johnny had burns on his legs, prosecutors said. But Smith, despite urging from relatives, did not take the boy to the hospital. Instead, she left her children alone with Porter again on Dec. 25, and this time when she got home Johnny had new burns on his torso from a space heater in the home, prosecutors said.

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    I'm getting so sick of these " mothers" allowing their children to be abused. They need to stop being with dead beats, stop leaving their children with people who are dangerous and pay attention to the signs around them! It's not rocket science to know when a child is being abused.

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    Dantis Porter brutally beat his girlfriend’s one-year-old son so severely, part of the toddler’s skull broke off in the medical examiner’s hand during the autopsy examination, prosecutors said Friday.

    When Johnny Kimble was taken to University of Chicago Comer’s Children’s Hospital on the night of Jan. 6, he had skull fractures, severe brain injury, a lacerated liver, a rib fracture, pulmonary contusions and adrenal hemorrhage, Assistant State’s Attorney Enrique Abraham said.

    The 17-month-old boy also had multiple burns on his body, authorities said.

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    An Englewood woman whose toddler was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend last year has been sentenced to seven years in prison for child endangerment. Dominique Smith, 25, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of child endangerment, according to Cook County court records...

    Smith’s boyfriend, 31-year-old Dantis Porter, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of her 17-month-old son Johnny Kimble on Jan. 9, 2015, authorities said...Porter is awaiting trial and is next scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.

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