Website Could Help Family with Missing Son
The 34-year-old went missing last Friday in Matamoros
Arnulfo is listed as a missing person with the Hidalgo County Sheriff's Office. They said anyone on either side of the border with information on Arnulfo’s whereabouts, call (956) 383-8114.
A Weslaco family is concerned over the disappearance of a loved one. He was last seen at his grandmother's house in Matamoros on Friday. Authorities on both sides of the border are aware that 34-year-old Arnulfo Castillo Sandoval is missing. The family said Mexican and U.S. police told them there is not much they can do. His mother Josefina Castillo Sandoval said, “He told me ‘I'll be back in a while,’ and never came back. He hasn't come back.” She has not seen her son since Friday. She said Arnulfo crossed into Matamoros to buy groceries for his grandmother. Arnulfo told his grandmother Friday evening that he was running a quick errand. He never returned. He did not take his car.

Now his entire family is left wondering if they will ever see him again.

A project with nearly 900 members is dedicated to families like the Castillos.

Jeff Dunsavage started The Missing Americans Project after his brother went missing off the coast of Honduras in 2009.

“Unfortunately, we never found my brother. But during the course of that while we were doing all this work on social media trying to get help and get information, we started running into people who were in the same situation,” said Dunsavage.

The website offers support and advice to families, most with loved one missing in Mexico and Latin America.

Dunsavage said many people on this site did not get the guidance they expected from the U.S. State Department.