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    Strangers on a train: a magical act of noticing

    DM feel-good story here.

    ⁍ Sammie Welch and her son, Rylan, were travelling to Plymouth when they received a kind gift from a stranger thanks to Rylan's impeccable manners
    ⁍ Sammie was so touched by the generous man she took to Facebook to track him down and thank him properly
    ⁍ Ken Saunders was revealed by his daughter Romani and is said to be a fan of frequent 'random acts of kindness'
    ⁍ But his good deeds have not always gone to plan - he accidentally dropped off two stray dogs at the wrong house
    ⁍ He is adamant he is not the only one being kind to strangers - but people do not look out for
    Sammie was so touched, so moved, so close to tears (‘I refused to cry in a train full of people’) that she vowed to track down this stranger and thank him. ‘I was just being a normal mum, but when I read the note I felt this incredible warmth,’ she says. ‘I’ve read it so many times now —you should see the state of it. And every time I read it, I feel warm again. Its effect hasn’t gone and I don’t think it ever will. It’s crazy, but it’s like a little bit of magic in my pocket.’

    the tale at length at the link above

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    That made me tear up a little!

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