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    OH - Nicholas Fleischer, 2, beaten to death, Mingo Junction, 28 Jan 2015

    Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla said the child suffered severe injuries including bruises head to toe, front and back, as well as burns on top of his feet. He said Fleischer walked a mile to the fire department to ask what to do about her dead child rather than ask a neighbor for a phone, which she claims she did not have.
    Fleischer had two other children who passed away, authorities said. One was beaten to death by the child's father and Fleischer's former boyfriend, Fred Roman III. Roman was sentenced to 17 years to life in prison for that crime in 2008. Authorities said the other child died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
    Pending Charges of Child Endangerment

    Thread for her child who was murdered by his father:

    Websleuths thread
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    Oh, this is awful...and did you see this part of the article: "Ohio state law requires for children services to return children to the parents' custody despite the organization not wanting to return them." So now 3 precious, innocent children have been tortured, abused, and killed at the hands of this woman. Sorry, I don't buy that the little one died from SIDS based on this woman's track record. And she never should've been allowed to have any of them in her care (nor her b'friend!)

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    It's so shameful if they are REQUIRED to reunite families. Encouraged is bad enough, many, many times!

    And I agree with you about the "SIDS" death.

    Tragic. And preventable.

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    Someone's head should roll for this. It won't be a state senator or representative. What non-elected bozo put this rule in place? And which elected people are on the committee to oversee this nimrod ? Probably does not matter. They just keep getting re-elected and re-appointed 'cause they have friends in high places. Sorry, part of my 'we get the government we elect plus the government those elected one's appoint' rant. I am done now. Thanks.
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    September 2015:

    Channe Fleischer, a Mingo Junction woman who was set to go on trial in the death of her 2-year-old son old Nicholas Wolfe on Thursday, pleaded guilty Wednesday in a Jefferson County Court.

    Fleischer pleaded guilty to aggravated murder and child endangerment charges and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 20 years.

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    Hanlin said Fleischer's plea spares a jury from having to see "horrific" photos of the child. Hanlin said law enforcement will be forever scarred by the photos. She also said the child's 4-year-old brother also would have had to testify in the trial. The brother had told authorities he saw his mother slam Nicholas Wolfe off a wall. Hanlin said DNA testing of blood on the wall showed it was from Nicholas Wolfe.

    Hanlin said Fleischer covered her son up in bed with a blanket "like nothing happened."

    Abdalla said after the sentencing that Fleischer deserved every bit of the life sentence, with parole eligibility after 20 years.

    "It hurts to think of how much pain this child suffered before he died," he said
    See more at: http://www.heraldstaronline.com/page...nav=5010#.dpuf

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