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    TX - Kylee Forrest, 4, murdered, Lubbock, 1 Feb 2015


    A Lubbock man is charged with murder after a 4-year-old girl was found dead in a West Lubbock apartment... Justin Michael Chisum, 29, is in the Lubbock County Criminal Detention Center on a murder charge.

    A resident of The Landing at Pinewood Park in the 500 block of Slide Road called police about 7:30 p.m. Sunday to report blood on the window of an apartment, Lubbock police Capt. Roy Bassett said. He said officers forced entry into the apartment.

    Police say they found four-year-old Kylee Forrest dead, victim of a violent attack. Investigators say the state of the apartment itself suggested "a very violent incident".

    At about the same time police received a call about a naked man walking in the neighborhood a few blocks away, near Eighth Street and Bangor Avenue. Police took the man, Justin Michael Chisum, 29, into custody. This is when officers say Chisum told them he was involved in the murder of the girl.

    Chisum was arrested for murder. He's being held at the Lubbock County Detention Center on $1 million bond.

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    The arrest warrant just released by Lubbock police says Justin Michael Chisum, 29, has admitted to killing his 4-year-old daughter, Kylee Forrest. The child died from blunt force trauma.

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    Fly high and free sweet little Kylee- you are safe from harm now and loved more than anything! My heart breaks for this baby girl and I weep for the terror of her last moments on earth. I hope this monster is taken swiftly from this world. May he burn in hell for eternity.

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    She was my granddaughter 4 years old with cerebral palsy, she was like a baby... innocent.
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    Horrifying. Wonder if meth use is involved (given the description of him being found walking naked), though that doesn't seem immediately apparent in the mugshot.

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    WTF? I just cannot do it. I cannot follow yet another case such as this one right now. They just keep coming and coming, more and more each day.

    Fly high princess Kylee, float above all the pain and fear and strife evermore babygirl.
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    February 2015:
    Kylee’s guardian, Courtney Forrest, said that Chisum had schizophrenia and took medicine for it, but was mostly normal...

    Forrest said she called Chisum’s mother and was told that Chisum’s medication had recently been changed, and he wasn’t doing well. He had attempted to check himself into the hospital just days before and was initially turned away. Chisum was eventually admitted, but was discharged just 24 hours later...

    Texas received one of the lowest rankings in the Treatment Advocacy Center’s hospital bed study...

    When individuals with severe mental illness receive appropriate and effective treatment, their risk of committing violent acts is no greater than that of the general population.

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    April 2015:

    Justin Chisum was indicted Thursday by a Lubbock County grand jury on a charge of murder in connection with his 4-year-old daughter’s death.

    Chisum, who suffers from schizophrenia, faces a charge of capital murder, which is punishable by the death penalty or life imprisonment...

    In March, Lubbock County Court Judge Mark Hocker found Chisum mentally incompetent and granted Chisum’s father, Michael Chisum, temporary guardianship of his son...

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    February 2015 guardianship hearing:

    He described his son as an exceptional child. He said Justin was an ideal student and a good athlete.

    However, his son began misbehaving in high school.

    Justin was treated for attention deficit disorder and was able to obtain a GED, Michael Chisum said.

    He believed his son was doing well until Justin moved in 2008 to California for a job.

    Police there found him on the streets babbling incoherently.

    He was taken to a hospital where a doctor suspected he had schizophrenia.

    The diagnosis was confirmed when Justin returned to Dallas.

    Since then, Justin has had trouble keeping a job and had run-ins with the police because of his illness.

    In the encounters Michael Chisum recounted, police found his son on the street, naked and behaving erratically.

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    Chisum pleads guilty to capital murder, gets life in prison in 4-year-old-daughter’s slaying

    A Lubbock judge gave a life prison sentence to a 31-year-old man who admitted to the brutal slaying of his 4-year-old daughter at his West Lubbock apartment two years ago.

    Justin Chisum, who has been held at the Lubbock County Detention Center since his Feb. 1, 2015, arrest, entered a plea of guilty on a charge of capital murder Wednesday during a hearing in the 364th District Court.
    Father pleads guilty to capital murder of his 4-year-old daughter, sentenced to life in prison

    Both Powell and Kylee's family say they greatly appreciate all of the hard work the Lubbock Police Department put into the case.

    Powell says his office is pleased with Wednesday's sentence.

    "We just thought this is an appropriate punishment and this puts an end to this case," he says.

    While Kylee's aunt, Courtney Forrest, says she has gained peace.

    "Today doesn't necessarily make it easier, but it does give us a sense of peace that this won't happen again, from him," she says.

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