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    TX - Houston, Female Skeletal Remains, in junkyard, Jan'15

    Two people looking for scrap metal in a southeast Houston junk yard found what may be remains of a human body at 6910 Canniff, near Winkler and the Gulf Freeway.


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    Wow. I am interested to hear more about this. They must have been pretty decomposed if they aren't able to tell for certain if it is a human, right?

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    who wants to bet, the body was in the trunk of an abandoned/wrecked vehicle? i wonder how many bodies are lost this way. they really should search junked cars.

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    Did we ever find out if the remains were human?

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    A preliminary investigation suggests the remains are from a woman.

    Police say it's difficult to determine how long the bones have been there because they've been moved by animals and wind.

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    I wonder if they will search the cars close to her and find past ownership to see where they came from. Hopefully they have something that will give them DNA and maybe answer a families nightmare.
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