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    School suspends student for threats to use The Ring to turn fellow student invisible

    An elementary school suspended a boy who arrived at school last week with what he alleged was a powerful ring that appears in J.R.R. Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings' fantasy books.
    ***** S***** was suspended from Kermit Elementary School in Kermit, Texas, over a Thursday incident, The New York Daily News reported.
    While speaking to another boy, 9-year-old S***** said he would able to use the One Ring and turn the fellow student invisible, according to the newspaper.
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    It's the father's version so the truth might be something else I guess.
    But it seems to have worked, based on this picture


    The family moved to the Kermit Independent School District only six months ago, but it’s been nothing but headaches for *****. He’s already been suspended three times this school year.

    Two of the disciplinary actions this year were in-school suspensions for referring to a classmate as black and bringing his favorite book to school: "The Big Book of Knowledge."
    Kids bring books to school? What is the world coming to...

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    I tried to post this story twice yesterday and it kept disappearing. I thought it was upsetting a Hobbit or, even worse, Gollum, so I gave up!

    According to dad, the suspension for bringing the encyclopedia into school was because it showed a pregnant woman?

    Threatening to disappear a classmate by putting a power ring on their head sounds funny, but in combination with the suspensions for calling classmates black it makes me uneasy. Whatever the full story is, there's obviously a problem and the parents and teachers need to be talking. Doesn't sound like they are though...
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    So calling a black kid black is wrong nowadays?

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    And we have this story singly because of the naturally unbiased information of....the boy's father? Please. "Jason Steward said..." does not guarantee unvarnished truth.

    “He religiously practices. All the kids know him as being the magic man. They think he has real powers,” Jason Steward said.
    Yes. OK. Well....sure.


    ETA: The father reminds me a bit of Richard Heene, "Balloon Boy" hoax dad of yore; i.e., attention-grubbing agenda-pusher.
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    In the Lord of the Rings books, the One Ring also caused a lot of problems for Bilbo and Frodo. So, not really surprising it caused problems for this kid. Obviously, the Orcs (school administrators) want possession of that ring. Apparently they do have the ring now and used it to turn the whole student body and faculty invisible, judging by the picture of the school.

    I hope the boy is able to laugh about this incident later in life. It's ironic that there are so many violent toys marketed to boys, and then they get in trouble for playing with the toys or using their own imaginations. This is a lot different than bringing a gun or knife from home to threaten other students or teachers. I wish adults could learn to differentiate.
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