I may not be able to decipher codes . but I relay heavily on tone indication of the written word. words with out meaning to give the inner coil of that person away. I know I could be wrong. After all tone indication could be miss read .

I do believe mr. zodiac was between the ages of seventeen and twenty four.

I believe he had brown hair. I believe he had some sort of childhood trauma something was stolen away from him. I do believe he came from a family that believed in something. that he was highly educated. one of the codes I spotted koin greek. new testament greek.

He was a bit of a social outcast longing for a society to call his own. For they would not leave him be apart of their society. so he took and decided to gain his own . realizing that he wanted more. He continued until he had enough.

( He could be the man who claimed his best friend told him on his death bed .I for one do not rule out the possibility.