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    CA - Sutter County, Male torso in trash bag, Feb'15


    A human torso was found in rural Sutter County Tuesday, about 30 minutes south of Yuba City.

    According to the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department, the remains were found, badly decomposed in a garbage bag, in a field off Pelger Road near the community of Robbins.

    Investigators with the Sutter County Sheriff’s Department were using cadaver dogs to look for more remains...

    The remains have not yet been identified. “All we know is that the body looks to be a human body and that it’s been probably deceased for at least six to nine months,” an official with the Sheriff’s Department told KTXL.

    Age and gender were also not currently known, he added.

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    san jose, ca
    oh wow. hubby was born in yuba city.

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    Glad you posted this OkieGranny. I heard it on my local news and was just coming here to figure out where it belonged and how to post. Not that it offers much more info but here's one more MSM link: http://www.kcra.com/news/local-news/...-land/31102202.

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    An autopsy confirmed that a decomposing torso found on a Sutter County farm is human... No identifying information was found during the autopsy on Friday, according to Sutter County sheriff's Lt. James Casner.

    Gender, age, ethnicity and cause of death are still unknown. The torso does appear to be that of an adult. "Unfortunately, we don't have much else," Casner said. "We'll be running DNA and doing anything else we can to identify who this person is."

    The remains appear to have been in decay for six to nine months based on initial analysis by a Chico State University-based anthropologist... A mound of dirt near the site led investigators to suspect the bag was dug out when the canal was excavated. The farmer told investigators excavation occurred in November or December.

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    An autopsy has been done on the human torso, and officers are 90% sure it belongs to a man. Anthropologists will do more tests to confirm...

    The autopsy did confirm the person had heart surgery at one time, as they found a shunt had been put in. This appears to have been done in response to an injury and not because of heart disease.

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