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    MS - Pearl River Co., Male skeletal, in woods, Jan'15 - Sidney Neimann

    A skull and the skeletal remains of a man with a nearby firearm. They were found in a wooded area off Rock-Ranch Road, off Highway 43 North. When sheriff's deputies arrived, they found the rest of the skeleton about 20 feet away from the skull. "It was estimated the remains had been here two to three years." "We did retrieve a shotgun on the scene. Due to corrosion, we were unable to open it," Sheriff Allison said. Authorities believe they know who the skeleton is. "He had a wallet and identification on him, and we're 99-percent sure that's him.


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    An identity has been established for the skeletal remains found in a wooded area off of Rock Ranch Road last month. Pearl River County Coroner Derek Turnage said DNA analysis of the remains, paired with DNA of a relative, helped to establish the remains as belonging to Sidney Joseph Neimann Jr., who was last seen by a roommate in May of 2012, Turnage said. Neimann is estimated to have been about 50-years-old when he disappeared...

    Their investigation determined Neimann had no permanent home, and instead was staying with anyone who would provide a place, Ogden said. As for a cause of death, Turnage said several scenarios could be a possibility, but there's no evidence to support any of them. Due to a lack of additional evidence, a true cause of death may never be determined. Ogden said there did not appear to be any signs of foul play, however. Their investigation did determine that Neimann has possibly made threats of suicide and was suffering from some mental complications, Ogden said.

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    Poor guy. Rest in peace.
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