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    Australia - Teen girl shot dead outside Hungry Jack's in Sydney, West Hoxton

    Teen girl shot dead outside Hungry Jack's in Sydney's west

    A critical incident is underway after a teenage girl was reportedly shot dead outside a Hungry Jack's restaurant in Sydney's west.
    The girl had apparently entered the outlet with a butcher's knife and was threatening people.
    A critical incident is defined by NSW Police as one involving death or serious injury involving police.


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    Wonder if she was on drugs....??? IMHO

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    Australia - Courtney Topic, 22, Aspergers, shot dead by Sydney police, 10 Feb 2015

    An unidentified young woman holding a large butcher's knife in one hand and a drink in the other, has been shot dead outside a Hungry Jack's in Hoxton Park, Sydney.

    Initial reports said the woman was pepper sprayed, tasered, then shot through the chest by police after they responded to multiple emergency calls. She died instantly. Police say she was 22 and an investigation will be held into the circumstances. The woman was thought to be alone at the fast food cafe.

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    A witness has said the woman shot dead by police in Sydney today charged towards officers with a knife, prompting the fatal shot.
    The police officer who shot dead a knife-wielding woman in Sydney's west is reportedly "distraught", as a senior officer said capsicum spray, a stun-gun and finally a gun were used to halt the woman.
    The woman, aged 22, died almost immediately after being shot in the chest. An earlier version of this story reported the girl was aged in her teens, but this was later clarified by NSW Police.


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    Hungry Jack’s shooting: Knife-wielding woman ‘was like a zombie’

    ‘She was like a zombie, as if possessed’: Witness
    Devastated mother collapsed when told daughter was dead
    Police led toddler away from horror scene

    THE 22-year-old knife wielding woman shot dead by police yesterday had Aspergers.

    Courtney Topic had been wandering between cars armed with a knife before she advanced on officers.

    The Telegraph understands she had Aspergers, a condition related to autism and can mean sufferers have difficulty relating to others, language skill deficiencies and problems obeying verbal instructions.
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