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    TX - Plainview, Fem, 19-21, nude and decapitated on a dirt road, Feb'82


    A Hale County murder mystery that sat cold for nearly 33 years will get a second chance to finally be brought to light.

    Back in February of 1982, Hale County officials found a young woman's body, decapitated, left on a dirt road outside Plainview. Tony Arnold, an investigator with the Texas Rangers, recently happened upon the case while reviewing that of another Hale County murder from around the same time...

    A serial killer by the name of Henry Lee Lucas would try to take credit for Jane Doe's death. In the 80s he was even indicted for the murder. The charge was eventually dropped after he was sentenced to life in prison for another homicide. Jane Doe's identity remained undiscovered.

    The headless body was found in 1982. and a later a skull was found in Arizona. Pathologist Ralph Erdmann determined the skull matched the body. But later Erdmann would be disgraced and discredited...

    Among other things, investigators will take a DNA sample from the grave of Jane Doe and enter that information into a national database of missing persons, according to the Herald. Officials will also double check that the skull matches the rest of the body.

    "Obviously, we want to identify her but because of Dr. Erdmann's involvement and Henry Lee Lucas' involvement, there [are] some credibility issues as to what occurred," Arnold said...

    "She was potentially a young female between the ages of 19 and 21," Arnold said. "I'm thinking that's somebody's daughter out there and they don't know where she went. Since 1982, they have a void in their life."
    They haven't given out much of a description so far, and I can't find a NamUs or Doe listing.

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    Elisabeth Bishop disappeared from Abilene in October 1981. Her age (20) is within range, the timing is consistent, the circumstances line up and the distance is 201 miles. There's also a possible Henry Lee Lucas connection.

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    Bump. Lucas had a habit of admitting to any murder he possibly could so I'm not so sure his word should be trusted.

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    from newspaper in June 27, 1983:

    Beheaded body may have ID PLAINVIEW IAP) - Hale County Sheriff Charles Tuc says an unidentified woman Henry Lee Lucas is accused of raping and beheading may be an Abilene woman who disappeared in October 1981. Lucas, a former mental patient, was indicted last week in the death of the woman, whose headless body was found east of Plainview in February 1982. A head was found two weeks later in the desert near Scottsdale, Ariz. Lucas was charged in the murder after drawing a picture of the woman which resembled one sketched by pathologists using the skull as a guide. The 46-year-old former mental patient told police he picked up the woman near Abilene in December 1981, raped her, cut off her head, raped her again and disposed of the body.

    Tue said he has asked Abilene police to send him dental records of a woman identified by police as Elizabeth Bishap, a former auto repair shop worker and part-time topless dancer. Officers said Miss Bishop was last seen Oct. 4, 1981, when she and some friends went to a topless bar where she occasionally worked. She did not leave with her friends and they never saw her again, police said. Lucas is being held under $! million bond in Montague County, where he is charged with murder in the dealh of 80- year-old Kate Rich of Ringgold, who had been missing since September 1982.


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