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    GA - James Jones, 21, killed in Craigslist robbery, Marietta, 9 Feb 2015

    He was robbed, shot and killed Monday night while attempting to buy an iPhone6 from Craigslist, Marietta police said Tuesday afternoon. Less than 24 hours later, investigators had arrested three suspects and charged them with murder...

    Jones had responded to a Craigslist ad and was attempting to buy a phone when he was approached by three people, Baldwin said. There was no phone to sell. “It was set up for them to rob whoever showed up,” Baldwin said. Police arrested Jordan Baker, 18; Jonathon Myles, 19; and Kaylnn Ruthenberg, 21. All three were charged with felony murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault and were booked into the Cobb County jail.

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    What did they get. $100 each. Was it worth taking a life and getting 50 years in prison for that $100. These kids are terrorists and need to be put down. Rip James.
    You can fool some of the people some of the time; But guess what? The Bus Stops Here (Life No Parole/ Don't Pass Go: Don't Collect Your $200)

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