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    Fugitive From Law Faces Wrath of Mom

    Following a high-speed police chase, this criminal is sorry he hit these people's minvan:

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    Someone came out of the car and fell to the ground behind it, rolling around, but then got up unhurt when the police arrived.

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    The person writhing on the ground was a 13 year old boy. He said he thought he had died when he got hit, and I imagine he was freaking out to see his Mom and dad tangled up with this man.

    This accident occurred in a school zone where the speed limit is 20 mph in order to protect children in the area. The mom was interviewed and said that she was incensed that someone would be driving that fast in a school zone and just basically lost it. Given that she lost her 4 year old child recently to illness, I can understand her anger at her other child being put at risk like that.

    Of course the Dallas police have gone on the record to state that one should NEVER approach an individual in that manner. I was watching this as it occurred and when she ran at the driver I thought for sure he was going to shoot her. We, the audience, knew he was an armed carjacker, but the Mom did not.


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    The owner of a local Kia dealership gave her a brand new minivan yesterday.

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    I totally know how she felt. LOL One day, some idiot came flying into the back of my car while I was sitting at a light. My 2 yr old was in the back car seat and she rammed the back of my car really hard. He was crying and scared but not hurt. I went nuts on her and started screaming and pointing at my kid in the back seat. luckily for her a motorcycle cop was there quickly and he told me to stop yelling at her. LOL OOPS! But if my baby had been hurt I probably would have taken a swing or two at her. She totaled my car and the cop said it was very lucky the trunk was full of Christmas presents to absorb the impact. We were on the way to San Francisco to spend holidays with family. To this day I realise how lucky we were. I was actually in Malibu on Pacific Coast Highway when I was rear ended.
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