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    GA - LaGrange, AsianMale Skeletal UP13489, 44-64, in tent near I-85, Feb'15

    The remains of an unidentified person were discovered Thursday evening near the southbound entrance ramp of Interstate 85 at Whitesville Road. A concerned motorist was headed down the ramp and spotted a tent in the woods adjacent to the interstate. The motorist stopped to see if the person needed help and discovered skeletal remains inside the tent, according to Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff...

    Woodruff said the remains had been there “at least months.” Sgt. Stewart Smith, a spokesman for the sheriff’s office, said it’s far too early to tell if foul play was involved in the person’s demise. Woodruff said investigators weren’t even sure yet if the person was male or female.

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    Opinions expressed are strictly my own (who else would they belong to???)

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    The guy has a NamUS profile now (NamUs UP # 13849) but it basically has no real information other than his age. At least one of the linked stories says "male clothing."

    NamUS doesn't really have anything other than age and "Asian male." And that could mean anything from Mongolian to Japanese to Thai to one of the many "-stans" or Arabic or Indian and anywhere in between.
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