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    WI - Tina Davidson, 15, Racine, 27 March 1973

    Tina Davidson, 15, body found March 27, 1973

    - stabbed 60 times, struck in head, beaten, stab wound to heart

    - lying against a cyclone fence south of 17th St beach near Racine

    - struck in head, beaten and stabbed 60 times, had been hitchhiking. Body found 16h St beach area. Victim's mother: "She was with a friend last night…He had a bike last night, but he does have a car. Right after he left, Tina went to her room and came out with a canvas bag. She said she had some clothes in it and was going to take it to a friend's house.


    http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=8XdQAAAAIBAJ&sjid=chEEAAAAIBAJ&dq=ti na%20davidson%20murder&pg=6373%2C3010626


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    Some interesting facts...

    Tina's full name was Tina Marie Davidson. Her father was summoned to appear in Racine court regarding her welfare two years before.


    A Google map showing where approximately her body east of 1500 Main St., Racine, WI was found in relation to her home at 2810 20th St, Racine, WI.


    Another map...


    Last, but not least, a newspaper article from October 21, 1974 Racine Journal Times showing that Dennis Brantner worked at the Jupiter Discount Store at 430 Main St. in Racine, just 10 blocks north of where Tina Marie Davidson was found dead. Dennis Brantner was recently arrested in Kenosha, WI for the murder of Berit Beck.

    I wonder if he was ever questioned for the Tina Davidson murder and where he lived in Racine at the time?


    An obituary of a relative of Dennis Branter living in Racine also showing he had ties to the community.


    Brantner is from the Durant-Mondovi, WI area, where he started his criminal career.


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