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    Canada - Mississauga, WhtMale 1979UMON, 40-65, found hanged, Nov'10


    Unidentified Male
    Date of Discovery: November 15, 2010
    Location of Discovery: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
    Estimated Date of Death: 3 mos to 2 yrs prior to discovery
    State of Remains: Not stated
    Cause of Death: Suicide - Found hanging in a tree, partially suspended by a rope.

    Physical Description
    ** Listed information is approximate

    Estimated Year of Birth: 1945-1970
    Estimated Age: 40-65
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'6 to 6ft
    Weight: Unknown
    Hair Color: Straight grey/white hair
    Eye Color: Unknown

    Distinguishing Marks/Features: Medium-large build. Was possibly a smoker. He may have suffered trauma to his left knee and right elbow in the past which may have caused ongoing pain. The trauma to his elbow may have limited movement in that joint

    Dentals: Available (Some antemortem dental loss as well as both amalgam and composite restorations and untreated caries are present. Calculus, stain and periodontal disease is present, indicating poor dental hygiene. Dental work indicates at least 2 dentists.)
    Fingerprints: Not available
    DNA: Not available
    Clothing & Personal Items
    Clothing: Black fleece jacket with an embroidered maple leaf over the left breast region, containing the text; "Old time hockey league Est 1999". Below this is the text; "Champions 2006" The tag in the jacket reads; 'Outer Boundary Size large'. He was also wearing a black v-neck shirt (Brand D&A, size 4XL) and Wrangler jeans (Texas Stretch, W40 L30) A belt, underwear, socks and 'Croc' style sandals were also present.

    Jewelry: Unknown

    Additional Personal Items: Unknown

    Case History

    On November 16, 2010, this unidentified male was found in a wooded area at the bottom of a tree approximately 40 feet west of Mississauga Road and 100 meters north of The Collegeway on the University of Toronto at Mississauga Campus.

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    This was the case that really got me into UIDs. I moved into the dorms at UTM for the fall semester less than a year after this man was found, and no one talked about this case. I only found out about it months after I moved in and was browsing the OPP website one day. Saddening.

    I haven't looked hard enough to find potential MP matches, but I hope you hard-working sleuths are able to give this man his name back.

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    The OPP link doesn't work anymore. Hopefully this means he's been identified.

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