Your Loved One is Missing: What You Should Do
It’s getting late. You texted and you called… many times. And still nothing. You reached out to her friends. No one has heard from her. You try her phone again. No answer. You call her family. Maybe she stopped by her parents’ house on the way home. Wrong again. Panic starts to set in. You drive to her work. Still no sign of her.
CONTACT POLICE: If you suspect someone your family member has vanished, contact your local, county or state police immediately.

DO NOT DISTURB ROOMS/VEHICLES: Any information could help investigators in their search. Do not clean or move any objects in the victim’s bedroom, other parts of their home or their vehicle.

PROVIDE PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Be prepared to provide responding officers with a current photograph of your missing relative.

OFFER PHONE & SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS: Give law enforcement the victim’s cell phone number and, if applicable, turn over any phone records.

VOLUNTEER MEDICAL INFORMATION: You should continue to hope for the best – that your loved one will return home safely, but be prepared for the worst. Provide police with a DNA sample.

CONTACT THE MEDIA: Once a report is filed with police, reach out to local and national media outlets to request coverage.

ESTABLISH AN ONLINE PRESENCE: Make it as easy as possible for tipsters to volunteer information.

MAINTAIN COMMUNICATION: Keep a list of pertinent contact information: the lead detective on the case, support groups offering assistance, etc.

LET POLICE TAKE THE LEAD: Recognize that police are trained professionals with experience resolving missing persons cases and it is in the best interest of yourself and your missing loved one to let them take the reigns.

REGISTER WITH NamUs: Once you have exhausted your local resources, seek out the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System at the UNT Health Science Center.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF: Easier said than done, we know. Seek out counseling, talk to your clergyman or a therapist.
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