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    Hospital terror as CRE bug kills 2 in LA

    Mother Jones; the rest at link:

    A Superbug Nightmare Is Playing Out at an LA Hospital

    In today's terrifying health news, the LA Times reports that two medical scopes used at UCLA's Ronald Reagan Medical Center may have been contaminated with the potentially deadly, antibiotic-resistant bacteria Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). Two patients have died from complications that may be connected to the bacteria, and authorities believe that 179 more patients have been exposed.

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    Philadelphia Hospital Had Similar Superbug Outbreak Last Year As Los Angeles (philadelphia.cbslocal.com)

    Documents obtained by CBS 3 reveal a superbug outbreak at an un-named Philadelphia hospital last year. Eight people were infected, two – with underlying conditions died. It’s the same deadly infection now being investigated at U.C.L.A in Los Angeles.

    “These types of outbreaks are all over the country,” according to Lawrence Muscarella, a Philadelphia based infectious disease consultant. He says the problem is with a certain kind of endoscope called ERCP. It’s it is used to diagnose and treat blockages of the pancreatic and bile ducts. “Never before has a re-usable instrument like this in a health care setting ever been linked across the country to so many outbreaks… so may injured patients and so many deaths,” Muscarella said.
    more at the link

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    This is scary. Once it enters your bloodstream, you may as well flip a coin.

    "CRE kills as many as half of all people in whom the infection has spread to the bloodstream."

    Ive got some strong opinions on the medical community blaming people for not taking their antibiotics right and blaming physicians for over prescribing antibiotics. I think it is much more likely that these pathogens are developing resistance because the farming community uses antiobiotics in their livestock.

    Every time I go to the doctor, I can hardly get antiobiotics when I really need them. And people have learned to take them as prescribed and most follow the doctors orders for the most part. So I get tired about hearing its our fault or doctors fault. I firmly believe large commercial livestock and animal breeders for food is the primary cause of any antibiotic resistance for these pathogens. Becauase if anyone nonchalantly uses tons of antibiotics, it is them. Each cow or pig is very expensive and they take steps to keep them healthy, and they use antibiotics as common as candy and give it to these animals in a preventative way. Not even when they are sick. They put it in their food to keep them from even getting sick, so the news media and medical community need to quit claiming its our fault.

    Because its getting harder and harder to get a doctor to give you a prescription of antibiotics when you really need them.

    The other thing I feel strongly about is those scopes and the cleaning methods the hospitals use to clean them. I used to work for a place that did surgeries and so I know a little about autoclaves and sterilazation of surgical tools. And let me just say I am surprised we havent seen tons more people getting infections like staff. I was not impressed with some of what I saw.

    The main thing a facility needs to do is put these tools in a high quality autoclave (basically a special Oven) at an extremely high temperature for a long time. If they do not do that, everyone is at risk. And I mean every piece of equipment like scalpels, tweezers, probes, anything.

    For this particular outbreak, I think it is likely the tool has rubber or plastic parts where it may have been recommended not to get too hot or it may ruin the equipment. So my guess is they are either using too low temperature OR not using an autoclave and maybe just simply washing it with bleach which is NOT good enough. People will miss the small microscopic corners or simply mess up and not clean good enough.

    They need to start to consider disposable 1 time use only tools like this even if it gets expensive. They can make the ends disposable and the main tool part non-disposable or something like that.

    I know one thing. I sure dont like the idea of a scope that was inside someone elses body being inserted into my body. And just think of how often they do it. Colon exams, ear probes, laproscopy, sinus exams, woman pelvic region exams, etc.

    Like I had mentioned earlier, it is as bad as it sounds and its a small miracle we dont see tons more infections before now. Something needs to change. My vote is everything needs a disposable 1-time use for the parts entering the body. Or at a minimum some type of disposable wrapping cover that goes over the ends that enter body.
    No exceptions for any device entering body. And for other metal tools like scalpels, enforce the high temperature autoclave ovens and ensure hospitals do it properly.

    I realize costs will go up but that is a price I am willing to pay to keep from being infected.

    Sorry post so long. I have strong feelings about this subject.

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