Former WWE wrestler and aspiring UFC fighter CM Punk sued over comments about doctor

Former WWE wrestler CM Punk rides the CTA Blue Line in 2012. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune)
Phillip Brooks, who made a name for himself as WWE wrestler CM Punk, has been sued over comments he made in a tell-all podcast last November. In the podcast, Brooks said he was mistreated for a growth on his back and a concussion by Christopher Amann of Will County, World Wrestling Entertainment's official doctor, according to the lawsuit.

Brooks' latest address was not known, but he has lived for many years in Chicago.

The suit, filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court, says Amann never treated Brooks for the lump on his back and followed proper protocol for a concussion, which included telling Brooks to leave the ring. Brooks said in the podcast that the doctor did not excise the growth because he was "lazy" and that the nodule grew so large and dangerous that "it had teeth," according to the podcast. Because of Amann's negligence, Brooks said in the podcast, the lump morphed into a "full-blown," life-threatening drug-resistant staph infection by the time another doctor examined it.