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    SD - Tammy Haas, 19, Yankton, 19 September 1992

    Rekindling A Cold Case
    February 16, 2015, 5:30 PM by Leland Steva

    YANKTON, SD - More than two decades after the crime, social media is giving a cold case new life.

    Friends last saw 19-year-old Tammy Haas alive on Sept. 19, 1992. She was at a homecoming party on the South Dakota-Nebraska border. Four days later, a man discovered her body in a ditch, not far from the party. An autopsy showed she had a neck injury and her death appeared to be foul play.

    Years later, the family is still waiting for someone to come forward. If a new Facebook page dedicated to Tammy Haas is any indication, thousands more people are also hoping for answers.

    cont. at the link

    Justice for Tammy Haas Facebook

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    Tammy Haas was a ballerina at heart. The 1991 Yankton graduate loved to dance, loved her brothers and loved her friends.

    But in September of 1992, the body of the 19-year old was found in a ditch near the Crofton, Nebraska Golf Course, which is just across the South Dakota border, near Gavins Point Dam. An autopsy showed Tammy died of a broken neck. Authorities at the time said there was evidence her body had been in the trunk of a car and dumped there...

    Three years after Tammy's death, the last person to see her alive was charged with manslaughter. A Cedar County, Nebraska jury found Eric Stukel not guilty.

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    "Mystery simmers in unsolved 1992 slaying"


    The trial’s result and a nagging sense of justice unserved has lingered.

    That became clear late last year, when a discussion within a Yankton-based Facebook page turned to the Haas case. The discussion formed a launch pad for “Justice for Tammy Haas,” a separate page founded in January expressly to push for answers.

    The Facebook page was the second time the case had returned to the public eye.

    Ten years after Stukel’s acquittal, a high school friend of Haas’ wrote a fictionalized account of what might have happened on the night of her death, again pointing at Stukel. M.C. Merrill based his narrative in “The Homecoming” on court records and built it around actual events. But he maintains it is a work of fiction.

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