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    GA - Rashaun 'Shaun' Taylor, 24, Gainesville, 21 Dec 2013

    COLD CASE: Victim, 24, was a caregiver for autistic boy

    By B.J. Williams
    Feb 12, 2015

    GAINESVILLE - Rashaun Miguel Taylor - known to everyone as Shaun - was just 24-years-old when he was shot to death four days before Christmas in 2013.

    In addition, Taylor had been a caregiver for five years for the autistic son of a Gainesville school teacher. The boy's grandmother described Taylor as "intelligent, witty and very caring." She said Taylor spent eight hours a day, five days a week with her grandson, participating in activities such as watching television and taking long walks with the dogs.

    Wiley said the night Taylor was murdered, he was with a friend; the two went to the QuikTrip on Athens Highway in Hall County between 7 and 8 p.m.

    "While they were there at the QuikTrip, he told the friend 'they're here' and wanted him to follow him. Sean then exited the car and went to a black passenger vehicle several spots away from where he and the friend were sitting," said Wiley.

    Wiley said Taylor got into the black passenger vehicle, and it left the convenience store. He said the friend tried to follow the car, but he lost sight of it.

    "The friend tried texting him and Shaun texted back [telling him] to go meet him at the Gainesville High track and wait," said Wiley. "Shaun indicated he would be there in about 20 minutes."

    Wiley said the friend waited for two hours - and Taylor never showed. The friend went home, according to Wiley, and a short time later, Taylor's body was found in the road on Tulip Drive. Investigators said Taylor was shot to death, although they are not revealing how many times he was shot.

    Anyone who has information on the Taylor case - or any of the other three cold cases under investigation by Hall County - is encouraged to call Lt. Scott Wiley or Hall County's anonymous tip line at (770)503-3232.

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    Shaun saying to his friend "they're here" and then getting in the other car with whomever -- and yet the friend apparently not knowing who "they" referred to -- really puzzles me. Article says the friend has been very cooperative with LE and is not himself a suspect, so I'm sure he must have told LE whatever he knows. Why wouldn't he have SOME kind of idea who "they" were (or, at least, who Shaun thought "they" were)? Maybe he did have an idea and told LE but it turned out to be wrong.