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    French couple's free dinner had hidden cost

    A pair of young French travelers in Bunbury, Australia, treated themselves to a slap-up meal at a local Mojos restaurant. The bill came to $230. They popped outside for 'a smoke', making a big show of leaving a wallet on their table.

    They never returned and when staff checked the wallet it was empty, but had the taunting message of 'bad mother*******' on the back. This is the same as Samuel L Jackson's character carried, in the movie 'Pulp Fiction'. Unfortunately for them, the restaurant captured clear surveillance pictures, and the Australian public were as offended by the couple's cheek as the restaurant staff. Efforts to find them went viral.

    Yesterday, the couple's employer (they were on a working vacation) called the restaurant and said he'd recognized them, fired them, and told them to return and pay their bill. They did.

    'The restaurant has decided not to press charges, instead focusing on the positive community experience that has resulted from the incident.

    "They had the gumption to come in, apologise to the bosses, square up the bill, and be on their way, so we were happy to leave it at that," (manager) Mr Atkinson said. "It's been a really humbling experience, receiving so much support from the wider community ... I'm astonished really." '


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