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    Deaf 2 year old too loud for bus passengers and driver

    Kyle Johnson of Plymouth, England, was bringing his two-year-old son Ethan back from a hospital appointment. The toddler is almost deaf, with severe hearing loss in one ear and moderate loss in the other. Little Ethan's not daunted by the difficulties he has though and was very excited on the bus, chattering away.

    Other passengers thought he was too loud, and complained to the driver. The driver told dad he and Ethan would have to leave the bus if Ethan didn't quiet down. When dad explained Ethan's deaf and can't actually hear that he's being louder than everyone else, (even if it is possible to explain the finer nuances of English polite society to a two-year-old) the bus driver said there wasn't a lot he could do, "People have complained".

    I guess 'children should be seen and not heard' still holds strong in England.

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