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    SD - Gwen Miller, 60, Rapid City, 29 February 1968

    February 29, 1968
    Sixty-year-old Gwen Miller was found deceased at her residence on Hall Street. She was living alone at the time of her death. When police arrived on scene, they found the back window of her home had been smashed. An autopsy determined Miller had been raped and strangled.
    Numerous leads were investigated, including the discovery of a watch in Mitchell, SD, with Miller's name engraved on it. Several of Miller's co-workers at Bennett Clarkson Hospital were interviewed, but she was described as a quiet woman who didn't volunteer much personal information to her colleagues.
    Police also followed a tip that Miller may have been killed by a former pharmacist in Lincoln, Nebraska. The suspect was described as a drug addict who met Miller in Nebraska. None of these leads were useful in determining who killed Miller. The case remains unsolved.


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    Evidence maintained in murder case for nearly 50 years


    48 years after 60 year old Gwen Miller's murder shocked Rapid City...DNA testing could finally unveil her killer.

    With much of the physical documentation gone and many of the witnesses now dead, Detective Keefe has had a difficult time putting the pieces of Miller's case together.

    Evidence such as clothing, fingerprints, and the brick from the broken window are still sitting in the Pennington County evidence building.

    And the fingerprints taken from the scene are now being analyzed with new DNA tests...a new technology that wasn't around 48 years ago.

    "We can now use that fingerprint material for DNA Analysis," says Forensic Examiner Kimberly Gerhardt.

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    Miller, a hospital pharmacist, was found dead in bed as if she had died in her sleep. She was single, had no children and lived alone...

    Miller was lying on her back, her hair neatly arranged. There was no blood on the bed or signs of a struggle...

    Miller’s autopsy showed also that she suffered several broken ribs, attributed to the man kneeling on her chest while assaulting her. He left fingerprints on Miller’s headboard and body hair on the bed...

    What neighbors saw that night, according to a recent television report, was a taxi dropping off a man at Miller’s home. Fingerprints found in her house matched prints later found in the taxi, the report said, but their owner could not be identified. The police department declined to verify this information, and other investigation details, citing Keefe’s ongoing work.

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    Great article! Makes you wonder how fast they'd have had the perp in 1968 if DNA had been available.
    Six-year-old Shannon Sherrill disappeared from her front yard in Thorntown, Indiana in October, 1986. Someone knows where she is......


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