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    FL - Dana Noser, 40, bludgeoned to death, Panama City, 31 July 2004

    A Florida sports fan has been sentenced to death for killing his wife after sex.

    Christoper Offord got angry because his wife wanted to cuddle after they had sex -- but he wanted to watch sports on television. She died after being struck dozens of times with a claw hammer.
    Just when I think that I have seen the most depraved things a human can do to another human, somebody posts a new story...........

    Why is it that when a custodial parent fails to provide for a child it is called neglect and is a criminal matter. But when a non custodial parent fails to provide it is called failure to support and is a civil matter?

    "Just when the caterpillar thought its world was over, it became a butterfly" ~ Michelle Knight

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    Well I am glad my guy doesn't really care for sports!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mindi77
    Well I am glad my guy doesn't really care for sports!

    I was just thinking the same thing!!!!

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    From May 2007:


    The Florida Supreme Court reversed the death sentences Thursday of a deranged dishwasher from Panama City and an Ocala man, both convicted of killing their estranged wives in unrelated cases.

    The justices reduced the death sentence of Christopher Offord, 31, who has a history of severe mental illness, to life in prison without parole.

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