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    OH - 'Abducted' activist Adam Hoover charged w/ making false claims, 3 March 2015

    A gay rights activist has been charged with making false claims on social media that he was abducted and put into the trunk of his car after leaving his job at a local Chipotle restaurant in Cincinnati.

    Adam Hoover, 20, of Harrison, will be booked into the Hamilton County jail and likely face a judge Wednesday morning...
    Hoover posted to Facebook, twitter and texted friends that he'd been kidnapped and was in the trunk of a car and 'they' were threatening to kill his family. Police were inundated with calls from concerned members of the public.


    Hoover's twitter with the kidnap tweet: https://mobile.twitter.com/h12adam/s...28310859100161
    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

    Flyers/FB/Case Overview&Media Links

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    A 20 year old gay rights activist? Guess he was born about 25 years too late. Hope he discovers he has value even without being kidnapped.
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    Adam Hoover, 20, was sentenced to a diversion program for six months.

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