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    Amber alert: amateur dig may unearth Nazi plunder

    Daily Mail:

    Are a team of amateur sleuths about to discover one of Adolf Hitler's greatest lost treasures? Group begin drill-
    ing under German city where they say the legendary $380million Amber Room looted from Russians is hidden

    ⁍ £250m room was looted from palace of Peter the Great by the Nazis in 1941
    ⁍ Consists of six tonnes of amber resin which took ten years to complete
    ⁍ Amber packed into 27 crates and shipped to Germany where they vanished
    ⁍ Its fate has captivated treasure hunters ever since it was first plundered
    ⁍ Now team of OAPs claim to have proof it is hidden under city of Wuppertal
    Well....maybe. Story at the link. And see....

    Amber Room (Wikipedia)

    A Brief History of the Amber Room (Smithsonian)

    Amber Room - the authentic story of a lost artwork (amberroom.com)

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