This sure made ME smile!! And shed a few tears, too.

I had posted this in the Crimes in the News forum back in January when Bedelia was stolen and I did update with the good news in that thread -- but that will scroll away so quickly, I wanted to bring it here, too, so that everyone at WS who was concerned with the Hoogstad family's plight would be more likely to see it.

Dog stolen in Peach County burglary reunited with owner

FORT VALLEY -- Bedelia, a beloved pit bull stolen in a Peach County residential burglary Jan. 28, is now safely back home....

...Bedelia was thrown over a fence late Wednesday or early Thursday at Friends of Perry Animal Shelter, or FOPAS, and then taken to the veterinarian’s office Thursday morning by the shelter volunteers who found her.

....Her hopes had been dashed many times before. But as Hoogstad was waiting in the veterinarian’s lobby and talking to a couple, Bedelia heard her voice and began to whimper.

“She just about drug the vet tech down with the little leash and just jumped into my arms and started licking me, and I knew everything was fine,” Hoogstad said Friday.

Though Bedelia was flea-ridden, had lost weight, had a small gash on a back leg and a few scratches on her nose, the dog was in overall good health and received a good report from the vet, Hoogstad said....

She said she’s grateful for everyone who helped scan online sites, yard sale postings and shelters in hopes of finding Bedelia.

When she was near giving up hope, someone sent her a story of a dog being reunited with its owner two years after being lost, and others encouraged her in other ways.

“I felt like God sent a whole army of people to help me,” she said.
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