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    Sex trafficking exists, here in America

    (CNN)Melissa was sold into the sex trade by a family member when she was only 12 years old.

    Her life became a prison: Chained to a bed in a warehouse, she endured regular beatings, rapes and once was even set on fire by her captors as she was forced to serve 5 to 30 men every day. The experience was enough for her to wish she was dead.


    In, Minnesota, for example, a 12-year-old girl received a text message that she thought was from a friend. It invited her to go to a party and asked her to go to a fast food restaurant nearby. But she didn't get to a party.


    The Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act (JVTA) would support victims by taking fines and criminal assets from convicted human traffickers and directing them toward services and treatment to help victims restore their lives.


    The Stop Exploitation Through Trafficking Act (SETT) would give incentives for all states to have a safe harbor provision. When a state passes a safe harbor law, it means that kids sold for sex are steered towards child protection services, rather than being arrested, charged, or convicted under a state's criminal statutes.


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    That is why I would like laws that immediately sever parental rights at the first sign of problems, when the child is very young, so they at least are given one chance for a better life.
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