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    FL - Asiyah MaGee, 1, sexually assaulted, beaten to death, Orlando, 28 Feb 2015

    ***Warning: Graphic***


    Orlando police found Asiyah MaGee unresponsive on Feb. 28 at the Parkwood Inn extended stay motel on West Colonial Drive. She was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

    MaGee's mother, Keara Colbert-Davis, 22, and her fiance, David Smith, 26, have been charged with second-degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

    The last time Magee saw his daughter was on Jan. 17 when he took her to the doctor. He said that he suspected she had been abused.

    "I noticed marks on her throat, on her face, because my daughter always had a sad spirit," Magee said. "When I told them 'something was happening, my daughter was being abused,' they told me come back in a week."

    Magee said he didn't want to give her back to her mother but he said police told him he could get charged with kidnapping if he didn't.

    Autopsy records revealed evidence of rape before a toddler's death at an Orange County motel, according to new court documents...

    The medical examiner ruled that the child had suffered significant injuries to both her stomach and the back of her head, which could have taken her life, according to documents. The examiner also discovered that the child suffered sexual trauma within 24 hours of her death, documents said. No one has been charged with capital sexual battery of the child.

    According to investigators, Smith was alone with the child when she became unresponsive. Documents said that instead of calling 911, Smith called the child’s mother and together they talked about "waiting out" the victim's injuries, which is why Colbert-Davis is accused of not seeking immediate medical attention for the child.

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    will be interesting to see if there are toxicology results on both of the ''accused''......shades of Ellorah Rose Warner case in California -- she was only weeks old.

    To me a one year old is still a baby -- not quite a toddler - MOO

    RIP little Angel.
    Just My Opinion

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    This is horrifying. Stop killing OUR babies , you sick a$$ pigs !

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCHMAE View Post
    This is horrifying. Stop killing OUR babies , you sick a$$ pigs !

    What is sickest of all: the children they rape and kill are THEIR children. I just can't....

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    My emotions tell me that such evil scum who do this to their own children deserve to die horribly.

    My head tells me that nothing less than LWOP is fitting for the kind of evil men and women guilty of such things.

    Anyone guilty of doing this to a child is someone who should never again be walking the streets amongst the rest of us.

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    November 2015:

    A man charged with raping and killing an 18-month-old girl could walk out of jail after a judge granted him bond Friday.

    David Smith, 27, was indicted by an Orange County grand jury in September on a first-degree murder charge for the death of Asiyah Magee...
    Judge Mark Blecher ordered his bond for first degree murder be set at $100,000...

    Smith's sister, Rosie Smith, told News 6 she cannot guarantee she will keep her children away from him because he's their uncle.

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