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    ME - James Angelo, 27, Portland, 7 Sept 2008

    James Angelo was working as a security guard at Mercy Hospital in Portland, Maine when he was fatally shot during the early hours of September 7, 2008. He was outside, conducting a check on the parking lot reserved for the doctors. Further investigation revealed that he may have been near a drug deal that was occurring and he was most likely hit by a stray bullet. He was not involved with drugs himself; he was sadly just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Given the randomness of the crime, LE has had a difficult time finding suspects. He was a father to a two-year old girl. His murder remains unsolved.

    Here's the initial article:


    After hearing gunshots, hospital employees found James Angelo wounded in a fenced-in hospital parking lot. He was treated in Mercy’s emergency room before being transferred to Maine Medical Center, where he died, police said.

    Witnesses told police that two people walking along Winter Street “had some kind of engagement with the victim” and fled in opposite directions after shots were fired around 4 a.m., Chief Joseph Loughlin said.
    Here's a very detailed article, including his background:

    At 14, Angelo arrived in Maine without any English, but with incredible footwork. Despite his stature — he stood at 5’3” as an adult — Angelo was a highly skilled soccer player. He played varsity soccer at Portland High School and coached a youth soccer team, Portland United, after graduation. He is remembered as being deeply invested in the team.

    “You can watch him on the sideline, whenever we screwed up, jumping up and down, dropping his clipboard,” said Alfred Jacob, who now coaches United. “Or you would see him running up and down whenever there was a goal.” Sometimes when his team scored, Angelo would run onto the field, screaming in celebration with them. “He was someone with a good heart,” Jacob said. “You know, when you talk to him, he’s very straightforward, he doesn’t dodge around the corner.”

    Off the field, Angelo was eminently calm and collected. According to his family, he was planning to enroll in a criminal justice program and hoped to become a police officer. He was soft-spoken, a peacemaker who would get involved in an altercation to break up the fight.

    “James was a more reserved than a dominant person,” Genet Gebrewahd, a friend, said. Like many of Angelo’s friends, Gebrewahd remembers “just his smile — his beautiful smile — and his gentle personality and his respectfulness.”

    The most recent article I could find for now is from four years ago:


    On Sept. 7, 2008, shortly before James Angelo was shot while working as a security guard at Mercy Hospital, a surveillance camera at a nearby business captured grainy images of two shadowy figures in the vicinity of the shooting, Assistant Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said Wednesday.

    Sauschuck said he believes those two people were somehow involved in the shooting, and he hopes the lure of a $30,000 cash reward will prompt one of them to contact police.

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    Bumping for James. It's been almost seven years and his murder remains unsolved.

    A cold case squad for Maine is set to start in October. Hopefully his case will get some more attention when that happens.

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