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    GA - Patrick Wall, 21, found shot to death in wreck, Rome, 14 March 2015

    Barbara Meagan Witt

    Mother fears missing daughter is with murder suspect
    Deputies are searching for a woman they believe is in danger. Barbara Meagan Witt, 19, who goes by Meagan, was last seen Saturday.

    Her mother said she thinks a murder suspect is holding the girl against her will.
    “To make sure that she's still breathing, that's all I want," mother Cassie Witt told Channel 2’s Tyisha Fernandes Tuesday.

    Floyd County deputies said they believe Meagan Witt could be with a man wanted in a weekend killing.
    Her mother made flyers to try to find her, and said that the message at the bottom is particularly important.
    The flyer reads, “Do not attempt to help her; the guy who has her is armed and dangerous.

    It’s one thing when your child vanishes into thin air and you know nothing, but when your child vanishes and you know the last person she was with was a murder suspect, that's scary,” Cassie Whitt said through tears.
    Cassie Witt said she knew her daughter was friends with the now-murder suspect, Stevie Lamar Garnier, 27, who goes by "Bubba."
    She said that a year ago, Garnier put his hands on her daughter, so she did not want him around.
    She said she heard on Friday that her daughter was with Garnier. When Meagan Witt would not answer, Cassie Witt said she called Garnier’s phone to talk to her.
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    Floyd County police were searching Sunday for a Rome man suspected in the death of a man who was shot while driving and crashed his vehicle into a West Rome home.


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    How scary...

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    Story has been updated to say he's been located and arrested, and Witt was also located and is also in custody.

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    Why was Meagan taken into custody, too? Hmmm....

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    My guess is she wasn't kidnapped or held against her will at all, but was a participant.

    Families often see their loved ones with rose colored glasses.

    But who knows. Maybe it's just for questioning to get witness statements.

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    She went willingly. The mother has a history of disliking this man, with good cause, and was surprised she was willing to be with him.

    Seems like the mother fudged on the details telling everyone she was kidnapped by him when she knew she wasn't.

    Hopefully her foolish choice in a boyfriend hasn't cost this girl a felony criminal record that will ruin her life.


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    Stevie Garner convicted of 2015 Drummond Drive murder - April 2016


    A jury found Garner, 28, guilty of felony murder, malice murder, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, possession of an offensive weapon during the commission of a crime and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

    Barbara Witt, who testified in court, was dating Garner at the time of the shooting. She said Wall had hoped to apologize for robbing Garner when Garner shot him.

    “He killed Marcus before Marcus had a chance to get out of the car,” Assistant District Attorney Luke Martin shouted during his closing statement while pointing at Garner.

    Wall, who was 21, hit the gas, trying to get away, but didn’t make it far. He crashed into a mobile home on Drummond Drive and was dead when EMS arrived on scene.
    Garner gets life without parole in 2015 shooting death of Marcus Wall - June 2016


    Deborah Wilson still sets a plate at her dinner table for her slain grandson, Marcus Wall.

    But, since March 14, 2015, Wilson has been unable to enjoy the company of her grandson for family meals, a ritual no matter what the 21-year-old was involved in over the years.

    “We don’t get to have dinner anymore,” Wilson said to Floyd County Superior Court Judge Jack Niedrach, during the sentencing hearing for Wall’s killer.

    Stevie Lamar Garner, 28, was sentenced to life without parole Monday after being convicted April 20 in the shooting death of Wall.
    Wilson read a letter she’d written about her dead grandson, Wall. It spoke of the loss of the man she raised — a man who she said was attempting to reform his way of life in the days leading up to his last.

    “Marcus was not a saint, but whose child is? But he did not deserve to die,” she said.

    Wall was killed before he could hold his son, who was born 12 days after the shooting, Wilson said.

    Holding pictures of Wall’s child, she told the court she was sent a video of her great-grandson pointing to Wall’s picture and trying to say “dad.” Wall’s son will “only have pictures and memories,” she said.

    Wilson fought back tears while speaking, but before finishing she addressed Garner’s family in attendance.

    “Ultimately their child is alive,” she concluded. “I can’t forgive. Maybe someday, but not today.”

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