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    MS - Pascagoula, WhtMale 2562UMMS, 30-50, in Bayou Ross, Apr'92

    Here is a recent addition to the Doe Network. He caught my eye because his body had apparently been frozen for several months before being dumped at the location where he was eventually found, which reminded me of Richard Kuklinski (the "Ice Man").

    NAMUS UP#10363

    Age: 30 - 50 years old
    Race: Caucasian
    Sex: Male
    Weight: 150 - 180 lbs
    Height: 5'8 - 6'0
    Body conditions: Mummified
    Postmortem interval: 4 - 12 months

    Date: April 17, 1992
    Location: Pascagoula, Jackson county, Mississippi

    A fisherman found the victim's remains washed ashore at Bayou Rosa on Chevron USA property. It appeared from the autopsy that the victim was placed in a cooler and frozen for an unknown period of time and placed in the water later.

    Estimated postmortem interval is between 4 - 12 months. His body had been at that location for 2 to 3 weeks before being found. His cause of death could not be determined, but the pattern of decomposition to his face is indicative of superficial facial wounds.

    Hair: Sandy/brown, graying, 1 - 3 inches in length
    Body type: Robust to slightly obese
    Medical conditions: Gallstones, fatty liver
    Distinctive characteristics: Very strong, square jawline. The feet both have lateral deviation of the distal two phalanges of the second toes, straight first toes, slight lateral deviation of the distal two phalanges of the middle toes, more to the left where there is a hammer deformity with dorsiflexion of the distal phalanx, and slight inward deviation of the distal ends of both fifth toes.

    White, jockey-style underwear w/ tag removed

    Fingerprints: Not available (although mummified hands could possibly yield fingerprints)
    Dentals: Available. UID also had a filling on the first upper left molar.
    DNA: Samples submitted - Tests not complete

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    The closest PM I have so far is Michael Stricklin.

    Age (30) is within range
    Race (Caucasian) matches
    Height (6'1) is within an inch
    Weight (185 - 190 lbs) is within 5 - 10 pounds
    Hair color (brown) matches
    He looks like he has a strong jawline
    Distance (230 miles) is far but reasonable, especially since he went missing with his car
    Circumstances seem to line up and his family believes he met with foul play (which would obviously be consistent with the UID)

    The timing is iffy, though. He went missing about 2 1/2 months before the UID was found, and the UID's postmortem interval is set at 4 - 12 months. That's 1 1/2 months off. I'm hesitant to rule Stricklin out based only on that though, mostly because the body being frozen does make it much more difficult for a ME to pinpoint an accurate time of death.

    I wish we had a better facial reconstruction. I feel like it's kind of pointless to try using the two available for this UID since they're... not very good, haha.

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    This reconstruction is so crude it seems to almost be a disservice to the victim. Don't imagine that it adds anything to the written description. Is there anyway one could go about doing a new rendering? Some very badly decomposed Does have had multiple artists contribute their works.

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