A Long Island woman’s insistence that President Obama follows her on Twitter made doctors at the Harlem Hospital psych ward think she was delusional and suffering from bipolar disorder — but she was actually telling the truth, a lawsuit charges. . . . “I told (the doctor) Obama follows me on Twitter to show her the type of person I am. I’m a good person, a positive person. Obama follows positive people!” Brock, whose Twitter handle is @AkilahBrock, said.

So, obviously, the doctors are Republican (jk).

Seriously, though, there has to be more to the story.

She is sort of followed on Twitter by Obama (more accurately whoever runs the Twitter for Obama’s 2012 campaign according to Washington Post)

My guess is she was showing other bizarre behavior. If I was in a mental ward, I don’t think I would be talking about my Twitter account, regardless of who followed me. It’s an odd way to get people to take you seriously. If I were held against my will I would insist on contacting family, friends or even a lawyer.

The staff, however, seemed a little strange too. If the "master plan" is truly what the Daily News says it is, they have some exsplaining to do. The master plan included: “Objective: Patient will verbalize the importance of education for employment and will state that Obama is not following her on Twitter,”

Cops pulled her over because they thought she was driving while under the influence. They impounded the car. When she went to pick it up she gets taken to a hospital because of the way she was acting. So one would have to assume that cops and staff conspired to keep her in the hospital and I just don’t see that happening. What cop wants to bother with that?

Also, keep in mind that the cops who stopped her for driving are different from the ones who would have been at the impound yard and quite possibly don’t even know each other. Yet, different cops on different days felt she was either under the influence or mentally ill.

I am curious to see how this unfolds.