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    Pack of Stray Dogs Pay Last Respects to Animal Lover


    While alive, the woman cared for stray dogs and cats. Ironically, though, her funeral was held more than 830 miles away from her home so this was not the same pack of dogs.

    Also, a bird flew inside during the funeral, looked down at the woman's casket and then flew back out the window singing.

    "Some circumstantial evidence is very strong, as when you find a trout in the milk."
    - Henry David Thoreau

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    That is so sweet!

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    Very cool story. Some people are people people, others are animal people. I imagine she was a loving animal person who probably preferred their company anyway. Thanks for sharing this.

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    This made my day!
    Praying for Jason.
    Find Beaner!
    Where is Kayla Berg?
    Justice for Stephanie Low, 9-22-14 RIP Stephanie

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