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    South Korean adoptee faces deportation


    This past February, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers knocked on an apartment door in Vancouver, Wash., looking for a man named Adam Crapser. A 39-year-old former barbershop owner and auto-insurance claims estimator, Crapser was now the married stay-at-home father of three children, with another baby on the way. He lived a mostly quiet life, playing the guitar and ukulele, looking after a rescue dog and taking his children to the park and the science museum. But the ICE agents at the door were there to inform him that the agency was opening deportation proceedings that could send him to South Korea.

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    I have been following this story and others similar -- it's the sin on the heads of the family that did not ensure that his rights were protected when he was a minor. This is frequently issue in cases of adoption. People who have adopted children fail to file the appropriate applications right after adoption. It makes me very very angry.
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    This is wrong on so many levels. The so called "father" did 90 days in jail on rape charges and this adoptee did 25 months for breaking in to get his only belongings. And now ICE wants to deport him because the "parents" failed this man when he was a child.

    My goddaughter was adopted from South Korea. My aunt and uncle were so proud and happy when she gained her citizenship. I just can not understand how this man and most likely his sister could be sent back to a country they do not know. My goddaughter may have been born over seas but she is fully American and if something like this were to happen to her she would be lost. She is an American just like this man is.

    This is a miscarriage of justice AND a waste of resources when ICE should be worrying about our borders and the illegals that come across every stinking day.


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    While not exactly on point, there's a really good documentary out there called "Sentenced Home." I strongly recommend it.

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