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    OR - Multnomah Co., WhtMale Skeletal 2582UMOR, in Tualatin Mtns, May'86

    This is a new addition to DoeNetwork and sounds fairly interesting


    Partial skeletal remains (WM, age 30-55) were found near a logging road in 1986. He is thought to have been dead since 1920-1955.

    They may have committed suicide as an old revolver was found nearby. They also had some REALLY OLD coins on them (1888 and 1919).

    I thought that this UID was interesting because of the "old mystery" part of it. Any loved ones from the time he went missing (or even his children) may not even be around today. Perhaps grandchildren or great-grandchildren...

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    Rule outs

    William Gunn 1969 Oregon
    Daniel Hilkey 1946 Oregon


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    Here's the Newspaper article dated two years ago that talks about this case and who these bones may belong to. Rocky Point Road is just about where Linnton is,, so it would make sense for him to choose to commit suicide close to where so many of his life experiences happened. I wonder what happened to the DNA testing since he's not on the rule-out list.

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