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    PA - Bobby Barnes, 51, brutally beaten to death, Philadelphia, 7 April 2015 *Arrests*

    A shocking and disgusting video has been released by Philadelphia Police showing a completely unprovoked attack on a white homeless man by a group of youth`s who piled out of a van at a gas station. The poor man is in critical condition at this time.

    At this time there is no indication of what the motive was for the attack (were the youth`s trying to ``avenge`the death of Walter Scott ? or Michael Brown ?)

    Link to video (WARNING very disturbing)


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    Doubt anyone would have minded if LE shot and killed anyone in this pathetic group at that moment. Unfortunately the appropriate time has come and gone. Jmo.

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    I don't know. People are crazy. This attack looks like it is more personal to me. Certainly someone will recognize this group.

    I couldn't witness something like this and stand by silently.

    In my community violent crimes such as this, shootings and armed robberies used to take place late at night. Now they are being committed in broad daylight where there are camera's, pedestrians and children that could and have become victims of stray bullets. People are reacting on emotion with no common sense. They are taking the law into their own hands. One life is taken and it starts a chain reaction and over a matter of a few days there are several more deaths.

    I would not risk my life or freedom. I need to be here for my family.

    What is going on with people? Do they think they will not get caught? Do they have very low self worth and simply don't care about the consequences?

    I don't understand. I don't think I could live with myself if I took someone's life unless I was forced to protect myself or family during the commission of a crime. Even in that case, I think I would struggle knowing I took a life.

    I would prefer to allow the legal system to handle those that have done wrong towards me or my loved ones. I fully realize that the legal system doesn't always work and I know from experience how frustrating it is to not get justice. I would live with that over taking things into my own hands.

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    I have yet to find a description of the victim being white, red, black or any color, instead, there is this article:

    "IT WAS the lie of a child, a way of avoiding getting in trouble for coming home late.

    But it had terrible consequences - it stirred an angry mob, and it ultimately left a 51-year-old man fighting for his life with horrific head injuries.

    It led to the arrest of two women: the boy's mother, Aleathea Gillard and her neighbor, Sharina Joachim, who both have been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses, police said.

    It started Tuesday afternoon, when Gillard confronted her 10-year-old son, police sources said. She wanted to know where he had been.

    He said that, en route to his house, on Wellens Avenue near 5th Street in Olney, he had stopped at the nearby Sunoco gas station at 5th Street near Tabor Road. There, the boy said, he tried to earn some extra cash by offering to pump customers' gas, according to Lt. Dan Brooks, of Northwest Detectives.

    While he was there, he ran into a neighborhood fixture, a homeless man who often does odd jobs around the area. He, too, wanted to pump gas for money, Brooks said. An argument broke out, and the boy would later claim the man assaulted him.

    Only problem is that, according to Brooks, there is no evidence that the man did anything more than get into a verbal argument with him."


    Tell that to the gateway pundit and others of his ilk.

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    Way to go mom .... now you will miss proms, weddings, birth of grandchildren among other things, and have to watch your own back everyday in jail. The taxpayers will likely have to pick up the cost of this guys medical care and the jail time of the accused, assuming they will be found guilty.

    I don't understand why people step out of their door these days and assume they are not on camera. Everyone should be assuming they are or will be on camera at some point.

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    The trial for three women charged with murder in connection with the beating death of a homeless man outside an Olney gas station has again been delayed.

    Though the trio was slated to face trial starting on March 20, legal maneuvering has pushed the start back until July 31.

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