The male half of Las Vegas' Bonnie and Clyde duo was sentenced to 14 to 40 years in prison Friday, but not before he blamed his girlfriend for the attempted murders of three police officers.

Kentro Taylor, 31, told District Judge Lee Gates that his love interest, April Jones, was the one firing an assault rifle at officers during a high-profile police chase in January.

"I'm not responsible for her actions," Taylor said, shrugging his shoulders.

Taylor also said he had no choice but to speed away from police once Jones leaned out of the car he was driving and opened fire on officers.

"Once she started firing, what am I supposed to do?" Taylor said. "Get out and get killed?"

A jury convicted Taylor of 11 felonies in July. Jones, meanwhile, pleaded guilty to 11 felonies in a plea agreement, but she has not been sentenced.

Gates could have sentenced Taylor to the equivalent of a life sentence, but he instead chose to run all of Taylor's sentences concurrent to one another.

Clark County prosecutor Frank Coumou described Taylor on Friday as a dangerous man.

"I think his biggest problem right now is the murder charge in Louisiana," Coumou said.

But Taylor is vowing an appeal.

"I don't feel I got a fair trial ... and we are going to take it up to the Supremes," Taylor said, referring to the Nevada Supreme Court.