Drifter confesses to more murders

Nashville (AP) - Police say a man who has called himself "a monster" has confessed to slayings across the country.

Garland milam, 40, already is charged with killing two homeless men in Nashville. Investigators won't say how many slayings Milam has confessed to elsewhere, but police agencies from Texas, Arizona and possibly Ohio are coming to Nashville to interview him. "We do believe that he's been involved in other murders in other states," says Police Lt. Pat Taylor.

Nashville investigators interviewed Milam over several days after the Nashville slayings, and during those interrogations he confessed to crimes elsewhere. "He may have some mental issues, but his statements right now make us believe we have to take him seriously," Taylor said.

Garland has told Nashville Police he has lived all over the United States. Investigators have sent word about Milam to police agencies across the country. Although police won't discuss specifics about what Milam has said, they do say his victims may not be just homeless people.

Milam confessed in July to strangling two homeless men in a homeless camp behind a Hickory Hollow store. "I know I'm a monster," he told reporters at the time.

"I got addicted to sucking the souls out of people that I was killing, and I'm going to do it again if I don't get the death penalty." Milam lived in the woods about 300 yards behind a strip mall in Antioch.

He walked into a grocery store and told an employee he wanted to confess to a murder. Milam is charged with two counts of aggravated homicide and is in jail on a $700,000 bond. The slayings came after arguments over food and money, police said. Milam's hometown is unknown, but he told police he had been arrested for petty crimes and served jail time in Florida.
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