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    Omg:is This "too Funny Or What?"

    In my search "for the unknown," came across this bit of info... and am not sure I should "laugh or cry"...just wanted to share! (make sure you read top-to-bottom ALL INFO!)

    INCEST 24th November 2003
    I am convinced John Ramsey has been unfairly blamed on the internet for incestuous behaviour. There is no evidence, particularly from his other children. If somebody from the White camp accuses you of incest, they must have proof or specific evidence, and it ought not to be a highly speculative Steve Thomas hypothetical scenario or a complete guess. This is in order to avoid a lawsuit for libel. The little evidence there is comes from Dr Wecht, who I am not sure ever saw the body. There are other doctors and forensic pathologists who disagree with him. I may tell you that I believe Fleet White sexually abused JonBenet at the Ramsey Michigan home when the Ramsey parents were away and he was frightened about Jonbenet spilling the beans. I believe he is a pedophile and the Ramsey family and Boulder police had absolutely no idea that he could do such a thing. [Submitted by: Michael Jackson]

    ok...better yet; how many Michael Jackson's are there in this World that would have any/some comment on INCEST?:? WILL THE REAL ONE PLEASE STAND UP?...!~:dontknow:

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