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    We went to Hagerstown today. Lauren had a very good statement ready about how this has affected her. I took a different approach with mine, focusing on HIM instead of Lauren. I cited specific, easily verifiable instances of him telling huge lies, to me, to judges, and even to the previous parole board. I saw them check the file twice, and they saw I wasn't making it up.

    I admitted he had fooled me again and again, and urged them not to be fooled by his promises to comply with parole requirements, and not re-offend. He's gotten by most of his life by lying, and he soon showed them he hasn't changed.

    The female board member mentioned that they "had gotten all of the correspondence. And I mean ALL of the correspondence" in reference to the letter writing campaign. Thanks for writing. It helped.

    He came in and was basically very belligerent, argumentative and was demonstrating why his attorneys kept him from testifying at his trial. I made notes of eight more HUGE and verifiable lies, as well as discrepancies in the things he said, compared to the last parole hearing!

    They ended the hearing early, after he couldn't make it through the second of three phases of the hearing. As a result, they denied his parole.
    WE DID IT! Convicted pedophile Donald Scott Brunstetter (details in the CAPER - Citizens Against Pedophile's Early Release Forum https://www.websleuths.com/forums/for...ht-on-Children) will remain behind bars for the duration of his sentence. Thanks to WS members, and Tricia's True Crime Radio listeners, at least 100 letters were received by the Parole Board prior to his July 30th, 2015 Parole Hearing, opposing his release, and they listened.
    Visit http://noparole4pedophile.weebly.com/ for background on the case.

    My posts are strictly MY opinion under circumstances when many points of view need to be considered. I apologize in advance to anyone whose potential involvement is contemplated in error, or who may be offended because I do not see eye to eye with them on all matters related to this case. I hope our differences can be set aside as we unite in the search for this victim or the perpetrator of this crime. Your opinions and insights are just as valuable as mine.

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    I was cleaning out old emails and found the letter I wrote in 2015 to the parole board. I was afraid to ask about the outcome. I just logged in to the MD dept. of corrections to find he is still an inmate. WOO HOO. I see the comment that he is due out in 2018, is there another parole hearing or does he just get out? I would be happy to write again if needed. In my golden years I told my kids I plan to be the person who waits outside of jails for pigs like this to get released and well, you can figure out the rest. I still have a few years to go and just may be inspired to start early while I am still agile and have a big following of friends to alibi me! Please don't hesitate to reach out if I can do anything at all. They don't show his picture. I am torn whether I want to see his face or not but will forever wonder about kind of person who's life leads them to stealing the innocence of children and what we can do to put an end to it and them. I am a survivor and will do anything to protect anyone's child and hope yours is doing well and can overcome what wasn't her fault and should never bring her down. Have a blessed year to come and again if anyone needs letters like these or just someone to talk to when no one else understands I am here and will answer messages.

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